Welcome to our Website

JYMCA, Inc. - is a polifacetic company with a diversified products and services portfolio.

We are in the process of restructuring our website to convey to our customers the diverse services and products that we currently carry.

As a results of our involvment with manufacturing companies we represent and are exclusive distributors of their products in specific target markets.

Business Structure - Currently our US operations are concentrated in 4 main areas:

1.- We provide engineering and consulting services to the telecommunications industry, we sell, install and service equipment from all the major manufacturers in the field and keep abreast of the new and emerging telecommunications technologies.

2.- We are exclusive distributors in specific Latin-American countries for technology systems and products used in the Telecommunications, Oil field and Manufacturing markets.

3.- You can also count on us for your web development and hosting solutions

4.- Finally we are exlusive worldwide distributors for 3 major manufacturing companies located in Venezuela


Here you will find news about our latest products and services.

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